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13 Years
TX Legal Experience
21 Years
Federal Legal Experience
Let our law firm file all your CorpDocuments: Nonprofits (501c3), TX Corporations, LLCs, Trademarks, etc.


Insurance Fraud

Corporate Due Diligence Pre Merger Acquisition

Cheating Spouses

Background Investigation

• Future Business Partners.
• Shareholders.
• Officers.
• Directors.
• Employees.
• Contractors.
• Corporate Fraud.

Other Services

• Criminal conviction search.
• Civil search.
• Credit history.
• Employment verification.
• Education verification.
• Motor vehicle report.
• Financial enforcement search.
• Drug testing.
• Adoption Locates.
• Corporate Fraud.
• Credit Reports (with signed release).
• Criminal and Civil Histories.
• Database Record Profiles.
• Difficult Skip Trace Locates (confirmed & verified).
• Driver’s License History.
• Employment Screening.
• Federal and State Tax Filings/Liens.
• Insurance Fraud Investigations.
• Place of Employment Locate Investigations.
• Real Estate Property Investigations.
• Surveillance (Local & Nationwide).
• Telephone Record Research.
• Vehicle License Plate Research.