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Advantages of Franchising

• The franchisor can have a continual flow of cash from royalties.
• Increased buying power
• The franchisor enjoys pride in their ownership.
• The franchisee manages the businesses, which allows more freedom to the franchisor

How We Help

• We will help you build your brand name with the establishment of your trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets.
• We will help you either Create or review the Uniform Franchise Offering Circular.
• We will help you create a Franchise agreement that meets the Federal and State Regulations.

The following essential elements will be part of your franchise agreement

• Use of your trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets.
• Location of your franchisees.
• Term of the Franchise
• Fees and Royalties
• Leases
• Duties and Obligations of the Franchisor.
• Duties and Obligation of the Franchisee
• Transfer of the Franchise agreement allowance and termination
• Jurisdiction and arbitration


• If you are a Franchisor We will also put together an application for the Franchisor to use in interviewing prospective franchisees before selling them a franchise.
• If you are a prospective franchisee looking to purchase a franchise we will create a checklist of information to acquire from an existing franchisor before making a purchase.

Help finding a venue to place your Franchise

• We will create a Franchise site assessment form to help you chose a location most suitable for your franchise.

Help navigating State and Federal regulations

• Help meeting the FTC 436 regulations.
• Help meeting the state regulations.

Ongoing Help

• For a fee our firm can help you maintain FTC update and disclosure document requirements due before the close of the fiscal year.

Our Fees

• We will help complete your circular for $4,950.00 and help you complete your franchise agreement for $2,995.00. Initial registrations and help acquire an advertisement identification number, a bond (if needed) a trust account (if needed) with the state for $1,200.00. Finally we will help you keep up your ongoing updates and disclosures for $1,275.00 a year.