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What is Needed to get the Corporation Process Started?

When you allow The Law Offices of Nick Spradlin, PLLC to help you with your business needs we will make the process of incorporating easy and very inexpensive. The following is a list of the necessary information you will need to have in order to begin the incorporating process.

1. You must first determine the state you are interested in incorporating in.
2. You must second determine what type of business entity you want to use (Limited Liability Company, Incorporation, LLP or LP).
3. You need to review the free business information we have provided concerning the business entity of your choice.
4. Choose a name for your corporation.
5. Choose the address you want to use for your business.
6. Choose a business phone number.
7. Choose who will be the shareholders.
8. Choose who will be the Directors and Officers.
9. Finally, we need to know where the corporate E-Kit will be sent.
If you are ready to incorporate your business you only need 5-10 minutes to fill out the on line incorporation form.
-After you enter your information you will look forward to an Attorney contacting you to verify the information you have provided.
-Your Corporate Articles are then completed and sent to the state, after the articles are registered by the state we will complete your bylaws, minutes and stock certificates for your corporation or in the case of an LLC we will complete your operating agreement, minutes, and membership certificates. (Both the corporation and the LLC comes with a seal). The total incorporation time is about 2 1/2 weeks; if necessary we will expedite your process for an additional fee.

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