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Let our law firm file all your CorpDocuments(tm): Nonprofits (501c3), FL Corporations, LLCs, Trademarks, etc.


Our Mission is to help make possible the business dreams of all entrepreneurs no matter what their gender, race, religion or financial status. Regardless of the ever-changing market, we will always provide cutting edge legal advice and legal products that meet these needs yet still deliver superior value and outstanding quality.

We intend to fulfill this mission by giving extra effort to customer service, legal consulting, technological advancement, efficient work product production and of course continual legal research. Let it always be known that, unlike our competitors, our products and services will be individually tailored for the needs of each customer's business purpose. Furthermore, every business quarter we will invite all clients to share what their most important business needs are based upon their perceived changes in the market.

Our passion to lead our clients to entrepreneurial greatness is embodied in all the members of our staff who will strive to go the extra mile for your professional needs.

In quest of offering the best prices with the most technologically advanced services we aspire to provide highly personalized solutions, specifically designed for the needs of startup and existing businesses.

At the Law Offices of Nick Spradlin we believe being a leader in the market takes innovative thought in one's sector, superior workmanship and customer satisfaction

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