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An Apostille is a simplified certification of notarized documents allowed by countries that belong to the Hague Convention.  With nothing else required, the apostille entitles the document to recognition in the country of intended use. Our fee is only $105.00 for the first Apostille and $90.00 per additional Apostille requested with the original order. For more information read below.

An Apostille is a certification of a document that is already certified. Thus, if you have a legal document which bares the Seal of a Notary Public or Clerk of the Court you have a certified document. However, you may need to send your certified document to a foreign country; this is problematic because that country is not capable of verifying that the certification is valid. To overcome this impasse numerous countries met together at what is known as the Hague Convention and developed a process that gives the authority to all the participating country's governments to certify the document as legitimate. This process is what is now known as the Apostille process.


Our Firm will review your documents and then submit your certified documents to the Department of State to receive an Apostille. The state will verify our submission and upon their approval will send the Apostille back to our firm, this Apostille signifies to other countries that the document has been certified by a governing official within the United States and can be relied on as a legitimate certified document. After submission of your documents to the state government your Apostille should be granted within 14-21 days.

You may rest assured that your documents will be handled properly as our Senior Attorney, Nick Spradlin, has acquired hundreds of Apostilles for clients in need. 

Additionally, there is no better way to know that your documents are secure than dealing with a fully certified attorney who is regulated by one of the strictest professional associations (The Florida Bar Association.)  To leave your documents in the hands of an unregulated business is putting yourself at great risk because you may not even be able to hold them accountable in case your legal rights are abused. 

Our fee is only $105.00 for the first Apostille and $90.00 per additional Apostille requested with the original order.

Documents that are common to be apostille or legalized:

Corporations, LLC's, Non-Profit Documents


Marriage Certificate


Private Documents

Birth Certificate



Adoption Certificate

Power of Attorney

School Diploma

Divorce decree

Affidavits and much more.