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• Cloud Services Agreement
• Software License Agreements
• Software Ownership Agreements
• IT Professional Services Agreements
• End User License Agreement.
• Fourth Amendment and communications technology
• Terms and Conditions
• Privacy Policy
• ADA website compliance
• Website Advertising Review
• Confidentiality- Non-Discloser Agreement
• Antitrust in Technology Industries
• Commercial Drone Law Regulations, Regulations and Agreements
• Cybersecurity
• IP and Technology Due Diligence
• Music and Copyright

If the principal nature of your corporation is high technology, after you incorporate your LLC or corporation you will want to implement your intellectual property plan.

-Register your Trademark. Have our office conduct a trademark search and register it with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. NOTE: Your domain name that serves as your Trademark should be registered as well.

-Copyrighting Software and Websites.Have our office register the copyrights of all of your software and website materials with the Copyright Office in Washington, D.C. For maximum protection, this must be accomplished no later than three months after the work is published.

Take Trade Secret Measures

1) It is important to take certain physical security measures to prevent outsiders from obtaining access to company trade secrets. Furthemore, you should have our Firm provide a Nondisclosure Agreement because a technology developer should never reveal their trade secrets to an outsider unless a nondisclosure agreement is signed binding the outsider to keep the secrets confidential.

2) We can also provide a tailored Software and Website Development Agreement for your business. It is always in the best interest of both a software or web developer and its clients that a development agreement be signed by all parties involved before the project begins. Our tailored agreement will describe the project to be developed, contain payment provisions, state who will own the work when it is completed and disclose all warranties.

3) Do not forget about the all-important Independent Contract Agreement. Our Firm can provide such a tailored contract. Every independent contractor who performs work for your company should sign an independent contractor agreement, preferably no later than the start of work. This agreement includes trade secrecy provisions and provisions designed to make it clear that the worker is an independent contractor, not an employee. Most importantly, the agreement should assign ownership of the contractor's work product to the company.

Additionally, we can provide you with a tailor-made employment agreement. Any employee engaged in the creation of intellectual property, or who may be exposed to company trade secrets, should sign an employment agreement. This agreement should be signed before work ensues. The agreement should transfer to the employer ownership of all software and other work-related intellectual property the employee creates within the scope of employment. This agreement will also include nondisclosure provisions designed to make clear to the employee that they have no right to disclose Trade Secrets and other Intellectual Property Rights under any circumstances outside the ordinary course of their work description.