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A copyright provides protection of original works of authorship. Copyrights provide the creator of software or a web site with the right to control how the work is used. Federal law provides for copyright- granting creators (called authors), a bundle of intangible, exclusive rights including:

• The right to show or transmit a copy of a work publicly,
• The right to perform a protected work in public.
• The right to initially sell, rent, lease or lend copies to the public (but this right is limited by the 'first sale' doctrine, which permits the owner of a particular copy of a work to sell, lend or otherwise dispose of the copy without the copyright owner's permission- for example, used bookstores may sell the books they purchase without getting permission.)
• The right to prepare new works based on a protected work (called derivative works)
• The right to make copies of a protected work.

Only the author or someone to whom the author has transferred rights can exercise these rights. If someone infringes the copyrighted material by using it without permission, the owner can sue and obtain an injunction (court order) requiring the copyright infringer to stop the infringing activity.

Copyright protects all kinds of original works including:

• Pantomimes and choreographic works- ballets, modern dance and mime works,
• Architectural works- building designs, whether in the form of architectural drawings or blueprints, or the design of actual buildings,
• Music-songs, instrumental works and advertising jingles,

• Sound recordings-recordings of music, sounds or words,

• Motion pictures, videos and other audiovisual works- movies, documentaries, training films and videos, television shows, television ads and interactive multimedia works.
• Photographs, graphic works and sculpture- maps, posters, paintings, drawings, graphic art, display ads, cartoon strips, statues and works of fine art
• Literary works- any work expressed in words, numbers, or other verbal or numerical symbols or indicia, including novels, plays, screenplays, nonfiction prose, newspapers and magazines, software, manuals, catalogs, text advertisements and complications such as some business directories.
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