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Construction Corner (For Construction Companies) Florida Corporation

If the principal nature of your Business falls into the construction category, after you incorporate your Florida LLC or Corporation you may want to implement a workers compensation exemption plan to exclude you from having to carry the workers compensation insurance for your officers and at the same time protect your ownership in the corporation from being given to others without your authority.

- We will complete your workers compensation exemption applications, acquire your Federal Tax ID and complete your Florida Unemployment Number and New Hire Report so you can prove to the Workers Compensation office that you may pay your officers a legal wage. You may be in a position where you must hire two other officers and do not want to lose ownership rights to the stocks you give them; in this situation you should have our Firm draft a shareholders agreement so you may retain the rights to the stock if the shareholder steps down from the Florida corporation or Florida LLC. Furthermore, if your Business needs a State sales tax ID number we will be glad to acquire it for you.

- Vehicle Lease and Construction Equipment Lease. Have our office draft a vehicle lease (for the quickest way to expense your vehicle) and an equipment lease so that you will receive a tax break on your assets and at the same time protect them from law suits.

Are you going to have subcontractors working for your business? Do not forget about an Independent Contract Agreement, our firm will gladly draft such a contract for your business. Every independent contractor who performs work for your company should sign an independent contractor agreement, preferably no later than the start of work. This agreement will protect your corporation from your contractor's negligent activities on the work site as well as from possible problems from the IRS due to the independent contractor not completing their personal tax withholdings.

State Certified Minority/Women Business Enterprises

Benefits of Minority/Women owned businesses are many; they receive first tier referrals which means they are the first businesses referred to state agencies who are seeking to include supplier diversity as a part of their purchase order and contract opportunities. Furthermore, loan mobilization programs assist state certified minority business enterprises in obtaining funding when starting a state-funded project. Such loans made through participating banks are designed to enhance relationships between the banking community and CMWBEs. We will complete the documents for your minority registration within 3-4 weeks.

DUNS Number

The benefits of having a DUNS number are that you may ensure that your company is listed in Duns and Bradstreet database; use D&B as a credit reference; and you will be able to update your record anytime with D&B. We will acquire your DUNS number within 30 days.

Central Contractor Registration (CCR)

Prospective vendors must be registered in CCR prior to the award of a contract: tailor-made agreement, tailor-made ordering agreement, or blanket purchase agreement, unless the award results from a solicitation issued on or before may 31, 1998. Prime contractors are not required to have their subcontractors register in CCR. If a prime's subcontractor wants to bid directly for contracts with the DOD, they should register in the CCR. We will acquire the CCR registration within 2-3 weeks.

Heavy Use Tax ID (For Hauling/Trucking Companies)

If your vehicle weighs over 55k lbs when loaded then you will need a heavy use tax ID to travel on highways or risk fines with the Department of Transportation (DOT). We will prepare the documents and have them ready for you to sign in your company E-Kit.