Florida Registered Agent/ Attorney Counsel Service

Our Law Firm has a vital and effective service that no entrepreneur at any level should be without. The Registered agent Attorney Counsel Service. The Department of State will send you a company renewal report, you may forward the report to us and our firm will examine your Uniform Business Report as well all other State corporation filing documents and file them timely and correctly for your business, this will ensure that your business remains in good standing with the state and business community. Our firm will help you keep up your ongoing minutes for your corporation's meetings so to avoid problems in case of a law suit or audit against your company; our firm will comply with all applicable laws and statutes relating to your company's Registered Agent and Registered Office. Finally, you get limitless telephone consultations all year with regards to your business legal matters. If you order this service when you incorporate receive an additional two month Bonus, this means your first year of service will cover 14 months.(price valid at time of incorporation/organization only)

If are already Incorporated you may still purchase our Registered Agent and Attorney Counsel Service for $145.00 which will cover a full year