The Law Offices of Nick Spradlin are in the business of assisting you from beginning (financing and loan contracts) to finish (title examinations and insurance) as well as all areas of residential closing, construction loans, development loans, commercial construction and permanent loans, title examinations, residential and commercial contracts, and residential and commercial leases. The firm also represents a plethora of real estate brokers and agents, mortgage bankers, builders and developer

Many real estate investment strategies used since the late 1990s are not as advantageous after the most recent legislative and judicial changes.  Our firm will help make known the new do’s and don’ts when engaging in real estate transactions.  More specifically we will help you understand which tactics are still relevant and which new approaches should be adopted. Please take your time to review our free information with regards to real estate business strategies and our products that will help achieve your goal of making real estate transactions a much more valuable ($) experience.  After reviewing our information please feel free to contact our offices for further assistance


For Developers and our Business Clients we can provide:

·     Joint venture formation;
·     Real estate acquisition and disposition;
·     Ground and Retail leasing (negotiation and drafting);
·     Lease and sale leaseback transactions;


For Home Buyers we can provide:

·    Purchase and sales agreements;
·    Title searches, reviews, and title insurance;
·    Purchasing, selling, and financing of real estate;
·    Lease negotiation and drafting for tenants and landlords; and

Commercial Law/Real Estate Investors:

*Title Insurance and affirmative coverage;

*Commercial and Land Lord Tennant Issues;

*Florida Homestead Consulting;

*Condominium and Condominium Associations;

*Real Estate Investment Enteritis;

*Land Trusts;

*Real Estate Tax Law