Nick Spradlin Esq.
Nick Spradlin Esq.

    Nickolas J. Spradlin

Florida Bar Membership Identification Number is: 0528161.

Texas Bar Membership Identification Number is: 24068051.

New York Bar Registration Number is: 5050737

His background and experience is as follows:


Born July 24, 1970 in Denver, Colorado. Graduated from Michigan State University School of Law in December of 2000 and became a member of the Florida Bar in 2001. A member in good standing of the Florida Bar continuously since that time. Became a member of the Texas Bar in 2009. A member in good standing of the Texas Bar continuously since that time.


Interned for Temple Chambers in 1999 (The highest rated law firm in Hong Kong) and participated in drafting of joint venture agreements and breach of contract proceedings. Engaged in studies at Hong Kong University and received Certificate of Study of Hong Kong and Chinese Law.

Project Manager for Stateside Associates.  Issue concerned new legislation for Class Action Law suits.  Final work product was published in the Civil Justice Report (September 2001) and the Harvard Journal of Law and Public Policy (January 2002).

Legal research assistant for Canadian Parliament. Participated in the legal and economic research and drafting of various governmental documents concerning Anti Trust, International Trade and Interprovincial Commerce. Engaged in studies at the University of Ottawa and received Certificate of Study of Canadian Law.

Licensed Florida Attorney. Since becoming a licensed Attorney he was involved in over 30 Mortgage Closings and 20 Real Estate Closings including Headline Grabbing closings of $10M, 7.3M, 5.4M, 4.5M, 3.15M, 3.1M and 2.3M in the Hillsborough, Pinellas and Pasco Counties. He has also incorporated over 35,000 business entities including Corporations, LLCs, Non-Profits, LPs, LLLPs, PAs, PLLCs, LLPs and Offshore Corporations; set up over 200 joint ventures; domesticated and  qualified over 300 corporations; completed over 50 conversions; registered over 200 copyrights and trademarks; set up 70 franchises;  helped acquire over 100 501c(3) determinations; has drafted thousands of complex contracts and teaches pro bono classes for new entrepreneurs.