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This information along with the offered legal products track the same objectives – making experienced information regarding financial, tax, and legal planning accessible to our clients at the most reasonable cost.  Please take the time to review the free information available and learn about how our products can make a financial difference in your life for generations to come.

    • Fraudulent Transfers and Conversion and Legal Consideration: If you are wanting to protect your assets from creditors you must understand there are legal ways to do this and ways that may seem legal that are illegal.  Call today for phone consultation or ask for a walk in appointment.
    • IRA and Qualified Plan Benefits.  If you feel you need legal counsel to make sure your accounts are currently receiving the maximum protection possible from possible creditors, please call today for a phone consultation or to set up a walk in appointment.
    • Asset protection provided with Florida business entities: Learn how to better protect your assets by way of service companies and holding companies. Call today and let us explain how to better protect your assets through Business entity planning.
    • Homestead Protection against Creditors and non-Creditors. Is your home as safe as you think it is from creditors and non-creditor (suing party)? call today for a consultation and make sure your home is protected as best as possible.
    • Creditors’ rights to assets held in your exiting trust. Do you have questions about how much protection your trust held assets have in case of a lawsuit?
    • Section 529 Arrangements. Do you need more information about your current or prospective 529 Plan; Creditors, lawsuits, and taxes are normal questions to have. Call us for a consultation today.  
    • Relationship Dissolution Planning: With divorce rates in the U.S. at astronomical numbers (almost 50% of first marriages) and the numbers are increasing which has also brought about a rise in Relationship dissolution planning. Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements are the cornerstone of solid Relationship Dissolution Planning. Our fees for prenuptial agreements begin at $800.00 and postnuptial agreements begin at $1,200.00.
    • Offshore Asset Protection Trust. Once a trust for the wealthy, the last 15 years  have seen the offshore trust become a widespread tool for asset protection for people of all economic levels.  There are several reasons to employ an offshore trust for asset protection; the main advantage of such a trust is that the creation of it creates instant legal impediments by making any action occur in foreign jurisdictions. This will put a lot of pressure on the creditor’s attorney as they will have no knowledge of foreign trusts and foreign laws and will thus have to spend additional money to pursue assets abroad.  Our offshore Trusts fees begin at $4,575.00.     

    * Pre and Post Marital property Agreements.

    * Simple Will
    * Pour Over Will
    * A/B Will
    * Durable Power of Attorney
    * Designation of Health Care Surrogate
    * HIPPA Release
    * Living Will

    * voting Trust
    * Electing Small Business Trust (ESBT)
    * Qualified Subchapter S Trust (QSST)
    * Shareholder’s Restrictive Agreement

    * Single Children’s rust
    * Special Needs Trust (SNT)
    * Spendthrifts Trust
    * Sprinkle Trust
    * Inter-Vivos Credit
    * Shelter Trust
    * Inter-Vivos QTIP Trust
    * Marital Trust
    * Medicaid Trust
    * Multiple Children’s Trust
    * Perpetual Trust
    * Personal Resident Trust (PRT)
    * Pooled Income Trust
    * Pot Trust
    * Discretionary Trust
    * Revocable Living Trust
    * Qualified Personal Residence Trust (QPRT)
    * Children’s Trust
    * Grantor Retained interest Trust (GRIT)
    * Grantor Retained Annuity Trust (GRAT)
    * Grantor Retained Unitrust (GRUT)
    * GST Trust (grandchildren’s Trust)
    * Incentive Trust
    * Irrevocable Trust
    * Insurance Trust
    * Inter-Vivos trust (Living Trust)
    * Complex Trust
    * Credit Shelter Trust (CST)
    * Crummey Trust
    * Protection Trust
    * Domestic Asset Trust
    * Dynasty Trust
    * Exclusion Trust
    * Transfer Tax Trust (GST Tax Trust)
    * Alimony Trust
    * Asset Protection Trust
    * Bypass Trust
    * Charitable Lead Trust.
    * Annuity Trust (CRAT)
    * Charitable Remainder Trust (CRT)
    * 2503 (c) Trust
    * Five and Five Trust
    * Accumulation Trust
    * Standby Trust (unfunded trust)
    * Total Return Trust
    * Uni-Trust
    * Qualified Domestic Trust (QDOT)
    * (Qualified Terminable Interest Property Trust)
    * Qualified Terminable Interest Property Trust (QTIP)
    * (Living Trust)
    * Amendments to Revocable Living Trust
    * Irrevocable Insurance Trust
    * Right of Election Trust



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