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Advantages of the 501c3 IRS Recognition

Deciding to organize as a tax-exempt nonprofit enables one to receive extraordinary exceptions; often the reason for forming a Florida nonprofit corporation is that being organized as a tax-exempt nonprofit corporation is a common requirement for obtaining grant funds from government agencies and private foundations.  There are also important federal, state and local income, property, sales, excise and other tax exemptions available to nonprofit corporations. In addition, only tax-exempt nonprofit organizations provide donors with the incentive of an individual tax deduction for contributions made to the organization.  There are additional benefits available to tax-exempt nonprofit corporations such as low-cost nonprofit mailing, advertising and purchasing rates as well as other private and governmental discounts and preferences.


Operational Rules and Restrictions of the 501c3 Nonprofit

-Payments of profits or other private benefits to directors, officers, members or staff are prohibited.  Reasonable salaries and   standard employment benefits are allowed.
-Income from sources unrelated to the tax-exempt purposes of the group must not be substantial. 
-The assets of the organization must be dedicated to tax-exempt purposes.  This means that if and when the group dissolves, any remaining assets must be distributed to another tax exempt 501c3 organization.

Why have the Law Offices of Nick Spradlin, PLLC acquire your 501C3 determination?

Our firm will complete all of the necessary documentation for you and deal with the IRS agents during the process thus making the 501c3 process as easy as possible for you.  You will feel confident knowing that an experienced law firm will represent you, consult you and complete all of the documentation necessary to acquire your Nonprofit’s Federal 501c3.

As a fully certified law firm you will rest assured that we have a serious commitment to our professional duties as required by one of the strictest regulating agencies (the Bar Association). Unlike nonprofessionals who are unregulated in their business (thus have a lower standard of duty to their clients) and should not be consulting their clients on legal matters (this would be an unauthorized practice of law) you can trust that our attorneys are well trained and prepared to counsel you and legally guide you through the 501c3 application process with the legal knowledge, backed by our professional licenses as attorneys at law.

With regards to fees, you will have to look long and hard to find another Attorney or other professional that will match our pricing. Our fee of $999.00 covers all of your attorney fees (Filing fee not included).  Please note if your Nonprofit corporation is based in California or falls into the category of Scientific research, hospital, or a collegiate or remedial school, our attorney fees are $1,275.00



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