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Florida Articles, Bylaws, Minutes, Stock Certificates, Bank Resolutions, Ledger, corporate seal, Federal Tax ID, Shareholder's Agreement, Unemployment Number, New Hire Report, Anonymity, Indemnification, Independent Contractor Agreement, Employment Agreement, Vehicle and Home office Lease.
** Applies to readymade / shelf companies of all years except the current year.



          *CORPORATE SEAL,
           FREE (value of $60)

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More Information

      Specifically, a Florida LLC should always include Articles, Operating Agreement, Minutes, Membership Certificates, Ledger and a Corporate Seal, anything less is NOT a complete package and will leave your owners and managers PERSONALLY LIABLE for law suits against the company due to lack of formalities. You will feel confident when organizing your Florida LLC though our firm because our basic Florida LLC package includes all the aforementioned formalities so the owners will be protected by the company in case of a law suit against it.

     Generally, an LLC is a business entity, defined in state law, in which each owner (or ''member'') enjoys limited liability for the business' debts and other legal obligations, as do shareholders in a corporation. For federal income tax purposes, however, the LLC is not a taxpaying entity. Rather, the LLC is treated as a conduit, through which tax attributes, including the profit earned or the loss incurred in the LLC's business operations, flow through to the members. Thus, the LLC is a hybrid, it is like a corporation, for state law limited liability purposes, but like a partnership for federal income tax purposes (or, in the case of single member LLCs, disregarded for federal income tax purposes).  With regards to Nonresidents of the United States, it is not wise to believe the LLC is generally the best solution for your business needs, as there may be self-employment taxes and estate taxes involved that could be far higher than any corporate income tax you can imagine.  Every situation is different and guidance from a competent attorney is key in making such important decisions.  Call today to incorporate your business and you will receive the necessary guidance for making the proper decisions for your business startup.

     Each year, thousands of Florida corporations are registered in Florida.  Being incorporated brings many advantages over partnerships and sole proprietorships.  The main reason people incorporate is to avoid personal liability.  While sole proprietors and partners have all of their personal assets at risk corporate shareholders risk only what they paid for their stock.  With the state of Florida turning into one of the most litigious states in the Union, the corporation is one of the few inexpensive protections left. A corporation is a legal person that can be created under Florida law.  As a person, a Florida corporation has certain rights and obligations, including the right to do business in its own name.

     Non Profits are becoming more popular every day. Many different crowds-homeless shelters, special interest groups, religious organizations, education and health promoters, conservationists and poets, writers, dancers, musicians and artist-wish to organize their endeavors as nonprofit corporations.  All such people demonstrate a colossal devotion to doing what they believe to be worthy and right in the face of monetary and social struggles.  Thus, it is understandable that a modest amount of time, money or physical energy is left for concentrating on legal and tax formalities.  That is where our Law firm offers its mental strength to deal with these technicalities so you obtain the important legal and tax benefits available to nonprofit corporations for the most reasonable prices.  Please take your time to read the free information printed below to educate yourself with regards to nonprofit organizations.  After reading the information please feel free to contact us to set up your Nonprofit Corporation and give you the further guidance you need for your business needs.

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REMEMBER!!! an LLC is NOT Complete without an Operating Agreement. Without this Agreement the owners could still be liable for their actions. Click for more information. Incorporate your Florida LLC with us and receive a FREE Single Member LLC Operating Agreement.

WARNING!!!! If you purchase a Florida Shelf Corporation/Ready made Corporation that has incomplete tax returns you will inherit that corporation's past tax problems. We keep all of our Ready Made Corporations/Aged Corporations in good standing by completing all tax returns timely and correctly.

Need absolute decision making power over your IRA Investments? Ask about a Self Directed IRA LLC.

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